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My Story

There are Jobs, 

There are careers,

...and there are Gold Rushes. 

Gold Rushes have a tendency to outrank jobs and careers in many cases.

Gold Rushes have caused many of us to leave our jobs or careers to seek a bigger opportunity over the years. 

They start like an itch at first. 

Eventually that inability to scratch that itch drives you to a point where you have to take action or you go insane.

It's an itch or a calling that millions if not billions of men and women have experienced since the beginning of time. 

...and it's a itch or a calling that billions will set out to be part of in the years to come.

Gold rushes will always pop up, 

...the question isn't whether they will or they won't, the question is, will you heed (pay attention to; take notice of) their calling?


When I first entered the MCA, Merchant Cash advance, Small Business Loan alternative arena I wondered how long it would take before millions of men and women would stampede toward the industry yelling A Gold Rush is on!


Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take as long as it has. But it's happening now, always does, it just takes time, so now is as good of a time as any to tell the story about this Gold Rush from my perspective. 

...especially since I'm not only the top producer that has ever been in this industry, but I've single handedly introduced and trained more men and women to this industry than anyone else in the industry.


We are an actual industry now, one that will be here for years to come. 


We have arrived!


Historically speaking only a small percentage of people who are drawn toward Gold Rushes get rich.


Most, set out to get rich, but don't. Why is that??? 


I've asked myself this question during and after each of the three Gold Rushes I've been part of. Why don't more men and women get rich during Gold Rushes? 

...I think the best way to describe this phenomenon is via what we Amercian's call "Ghost Towns." At one time the towns were booming and eventually the Gold Rush they were built on either dried up or men and women's attention were drawn elsewhere, to the more powerful forces of voices yelling A Gold Rush is on!!! off THEY go, many of which never gave themselves the alloted time to get rich off of the current Gold Rush they are involved in, let alone get prepared for the next one!


In fact, if you look back in history, you don't have to look too far back to see the fickle nature of men and women in this country. It's what I call the Shiny Object Syndrome, or the Always looking never finding Syndrom. 


I've seen this happen or take place tens of thousands of times over the years in the mortgage industry and the merchant cash advance/small business loan alternative industry. Just when someone is getting settled in, they are distracted by the next shiny object or opportunity!!!

...and off they go! 

It's an itch they just have to scratch and off they go-

because as you and I know, life is about the Journey not the destination!!! 



Most people are always looking, never finding, or chasing shiny objects.


Thus the reason why so many Ghost Towns exist in America if you ask me, not because the veins of Gold dried up or discontinued providing wealth, but instead, the men and women mining the Gold got distracted and left! 

...they left because they are followers, few men and women are leaders, when someone yelled, there's Gold in them there hills, more often than not people pick up and follow those that are yelling the loudest and most consistent!!!



Introduction -

My name is Bret Martin. I am 60 years old as of last evening, Sunday December 19th 2021. I am the top producer that has ever been part of the MCA, merchant cash advance, small business loan alternative industry. 

I was born in Milwaukie Oregon about 13 miles south of Portland. I grew up in a middle class family where oftentimes money was tight. About the time I hit double digits in age (10 years old) my father started asking me if I'd like to work on a project with one of his partners or one of his friends or one of his clients. He explained to me on a number of occasions before we got started on the project how much I would be making that day or how much I would be making hourly that day. eventually he had me price out my own jobs at an hourly wage or a daily wage depending on how I felt I could make more money. he went on to trust my judgment and the reason he did was because he had done a great job of training me On whether I should take an hourly wage or a wage associated with the job itself based off this amount of time it was going to take me to do the job. 

my father had been doing odds and end jobs for friends and family members for many years before he became a full-time employee at Farmers Insurance, so naturally he was a great asset or educator when it came to explaining to me how to price out my labor.

over the years I transitioned in to having my own paper route and eventually it became necessary to hire one of my friends to perform my duties on the paper route being as though I was sick like many kids are off and on through their junior high grade school and high school years. eventually it became very apparent to me off of other people's labor bye putting my friends in charge of my paper routes and Performing my own duties on one of my paper route. so the art of making money 




Welcome to a Gold Rush. Merriam-Webster's dictionary has two definitions for the words GOLD RUSH. 

1). a rush to newly discovered goldfields in pursuit of riches. 

2). the headlong pursuit of sudden wealth in a new lucrative field.


One could argue that there hasn't been that many Gold Rushes in America's history. 


I have been fortunate in that I have been part of three gold rushes in my lifetime. Again, I use the term Gold Rush a bit loosely, but they were gold rushes all the same. I was part of the gold rush in America when real estate tripled in value in the mid 80's in America, and I caught the front end of the mortgage boom in the early to mid late 80's early 90's and I got out on December 15th, 2006, and I caught the front end of the merchant cash advance/small business loan alternative business in the early 2000's.    


I want to take a moment and welcome you to the most exciting industry on Earth. 


At no time in the history of mankind have you had an opportunity at being able to make so much money so quickly with such a small amount of effort without having prior experience and or a four-year degree at minimum. 


Whether you want to do this from your home part-time or full-time or out in the field the bottom line is this you have found the short line at the post office so to speak it's not a question so much as to whether or not this is the right industry for you as much as it is are you going to come into this industry and take advantage of the unlimited income potential that you can achieve from home in as little as 1 hour a day. That Gold Rush very much exists to this day. It's not a question of whether or not it does or it doesn't, it's a question whether or not you're willing to grab your pic and your shovel and start panning this gold...


This industry or opportunity will allow you to make more money than any other job or opportunity that you've ever come across or will ever come across in the future. In fact we have doctors and lawyers and plumbers and contractors and Realtors and mortgage brokers and insurance sales people and Automotive Sales people pouring onto our platform everyday in record numbers and it has to do with two things and two things only and those two things are that this is an unlimited income opportunity And the freedom associated with the industry allows you to do this on your own time virtually or in person. 


Since its Inception in the late 90s the merchant cash advance industry started off quite slowly. Then a perfect storm took place in early 2007 from the standpoint that the mortgage and real-estate industry experienced a worldwide meltdown. And the next thing you know Millions upon Millions men and women across America were out of high paying jobs and thus the quest began for these men and women to try and find a replacement job or opportunity that could come even remotely close to what they were used to making financially speaking in the years prior.

I had seen the crash coming to the mortgage industry and mid-2006 and said to myself I need to get out as quickly as possible and I was able to sell my company in December of 2006. As luck would have it shortly thereafter I came across the merchant cash advance industry and even though there were some companies that existed at that time in early 2007, 2007 was really the year the merchant cash advance industry laid its foundation to actually be called an "industry" so to speak. 


Few companies and few individuals if any have had an impact on the industry as much as I have. Not to be bragging, the facts are the facts. The companies I've owned and the staff that I've employed have consistently held a class each week since late 2009 September and graduated people onto our platform and out into the industry. At present we have graduated running about 67,000 men and women into the merchant cash advance industry and what this is done is create an environment where regardless of their age they too have reached out to friends and family and Associates they've come across and introduce him to our company or the industry therefore creating what we know today to be an industry that provides working capital in less than a week the business owners who could not find this money otherwise. Since the mortgage and real estate industry meltdown and in addition the banking meltdown in 2007 2008/2009 2010 2011 and 2012 banks have pulled back and for the most part are not Lending too small to medium-sized companies. In fact the saying that we have them on our team is this, Banks lending to business owners who don't need money, not to business owners that do...

Our industry and becoming more and more technologically advanced and at the same time is going through some substantial changes right now it has nothing to do with identity so much as it does the fact that whenever an industry like this comes to fruition after having gone through its initial stages what happened Jews men and women have a tendency to steer away from what got them there or what got the industry's there and their Ambitions can cause them to go away from what got them there. Our company works diligently each day not to be one of the lemmings and just jump off the cliff because everyone else is doing it but instead continue to be a leader among the bunch of followers and stay the course on providing the most basic needs of the business owner and that is working capital and doing so in Rapid fashion. 


Keep in mind in a lot of ways it's still very much like the Wild West many investors and companies are popping up with investors backing them and these are scrupulous people trying to make a buck quickly being yourself they've had past issues prior to this industry and they need to make hay while the sun shines but the bottom line is this it shows companies that are in this for the Long Haul weather going to be at this in the years to come versus those individuals or companies that are in this just to make a quick paycheck. So as you're going forward keep in mind that you should pay special attention to the difference between an organization that has been around for a while and that is tried-and-true versus did Johnny come lately they're offering you the moon or promising you the Moon and delivering something much much less.


I want to close with this many people that are attracted to the merchant cash advance industry add small business business loan industry our people that could be considered questionable. Take for example David Glass with Yellowstone capital. Not to belittle or demean our competitors because we really don't consider them a competitor to speak of but David was indicted on many counts of fraud prior to entering this industry so much so that his roommate or close friend decided to write a screenplay and entertain producing a movie Dead In The End was ruled out as a movie called The Boiler Room starring Ben Affleck and other characters. they call him Teflon Dave from the standpoint that he didn't do any time but it stands to reason that when he entered the merchant cash advance industry nothing had change and in the end he was still the same person that's the reason why Yellowstone capital has had a multitude of problems along the way to include their most recent issues with the court involving one of the founding members named Isaac Stern. Keep in mind as you go forward that with any gold rush like this there's always those scrupulous companies and scrupulous individuals and the number one thing that you will find is this, that you will not get your renewal payments when your customer renews and in many cases your file will never fund because the funding company or the supposed funding company is going to steal your file and fund it right out from underneath you without your knowing or they will tell you that the file is denied and in the end take the file and funded anyway and steal your commission from you.



Chapter 1 

What is a Merchant Cash Advance 

A merchant cash advance is just that. We are advancing business owners money, business owners are called merchants and rather than giving them a loan in most cases (sometimes it is a loan) These are called merchant cash advances. So what we would be doing is providing your business owner money today if not over the course of the next 2 to 3 days, and in return they would make daily payments weekly payments twice a month payments or monthly payments depending on the consistency of their cash flow coming into their bank account. So an example if we lent them $100,000 and we were expecting to get $130,000 in return that would mean that the cost of money is 30%. And that cost of money is amortized out over a payback period Of anywhere from 10 months to 24 if not 36 months. so although the cost of money is 30% the bottom line is that if you amortize that out over a two-year. That's Actually only a 15% APR or annual percentage rate. There is really not that much difference between a standard loan and a cash advance other than a standard loan would have a fixed payment and in the event that the business owner missed the payment interest would accrue whereas in the merchant cash advance world if a business owner misses the payment or a payment interest does not accrue but instead we might attack on one more day to the end of the contract if they missed a day of payment or if they missed 10 days payment we might as a example tack on 10 more days to the contract on the other end being is so they missed 10 days during the life of the advanced or term Length of the advance. There is a huge Trend going on right now and it's been going on ever since we got into the industry in early 2007 and that is that business owners are sick and tired of going through standard conventional lending message via a bank PS most banks take anywhere from sixty to 90 days minimum before they deny the business owner a loan or approve the business owner for a loan. This is really our sweet spot and that is these business owners don't need to wait more than 24 to 48 hours before they get there's money in their bank account which allows them to take care of any current problems they may have financially speaking but in addition it allows him to be in a situation where they can become entrepreneurial once again and grow without the standard restrictions of an fdic-insured Bank.


Chapter 2 

The cost of the money, interest rate and/or factor rate.

the cost of the money or what some of you may call the interest rate which in this industry we call the factor rate or the cost of the money can be obtrusive in some cases and in some cases it's not but that's only if you look at it from your perspective. Because what you have to learn right away is it's not you that's borrowing this money it's the business owner that's boring this money or being Advanced this money and how do you know what the situation is in their lives? The bottom line is this we experience a little over 90% of these people taking these loans or advances and it's because in most cases they can't find the money elsewhere so what are they going to do? well they're only other option is to go out of business if they've tried friends and family and used up all their credit cards and used up the credit lines against their mortgage and sold the rest of their items off to try and keep going so the bottom line is this it's not your job to decide whether these are good loans or bad loans over the years we've seen people that take money from our competitors at 50-60 70% per annum and they're interesting thing about it is when you talk to those business owners they were satisfied and happy with what they received because as I mentioned earlier they couldn't get this money elsewhere. I mean think about yourself if you were business owner and you'd been in business for 5 years 10 years 15 years and for whatever reason your cash flow was inconsistent or short one month 2 months or 3 months in a in a row and you needed to make payroll or you needed to pay your rent or your lease payment or your mortgage payment what do you do if you can't find the money well, what you're going to do is you're going to go out of business so in that case the bottom line is this you probably like most business owners if not all business owners in this country at that time and you'll be more than willing to look at just about anything no I'm not saying that these loans are advances are going to be so obtrusive that you're not going to be willing to even show them to your clients or your prospecting client but the bottom line is this your best bet is to stay out of it because once again it's not your job to decide whether these are good or bad offers it's the business owners job and in most cases as I mentioned earlier they can't this point in this money anywhere. I said this early on and I'll say it again here but Banks typically lend money the business owners that don't need money not to business owners that do need money in fact, most banks become very suspicious when it comes to lending to someone who's asking for a loan for their business because what the banks are saying to themselves is this company must be in trouble or having some issues or they wouldn't be here asking for this money. time and time again I've seen thank you letters gifts and received phone calls from non only my own clients early on when I used to produce in 2007/2008 and 2009 through September but also are isos clients who contact me directly through my staff and say I don't know where I'd be without you or I don't know where my husband would be or my wife would be or my brother or sister would be without you and your company and this industry and we just have to thank you from the bottom of our hearts because without you and your company they would never have gotten back on their feet and, we've heard this from business owners thousands and thousands and thousands of times over the years about how timely this money was and how much of a god-sent it is or was that they found us so that they could utilize this money to keep their doors open or pump it into ad campaigns or pay for inventory at certain times a year. So once again I'll say it here in closing regarding the cost of the money or the interest rate or the factory the bottom line is this it's not your job to decide whether these are good offers or bad offers it's the business owners job and when they only think they have it to compare it to is it denial from a bank rest assured they're going to be extraordinary really satisfied and will proceed forward without any resistance.


Chapter 3 

The amortization or length of the loan/advance. 

the terms of these advances or loans very from file to file in fact there are no two business owners Federer identical just like there are no two people that are identical and there it's no such thing as identical companies. These loans or advances differ depending on how long a company's been in business whether or not they have nsf's or non-sufficient fund days on their bank statements or overdraft periods on their bank statements in addition depends on whether or not they have had an internet presence if they depend on the internet for their sales end the length of these loans or advances has to do with the consistency of the cash flow of the business and last but not least the type of business. So as a great example someone who owns a low-risk business like a salon who has a high likelihood that they will rarely shut down or have troubles with their businesses to include the fact that salons are rarely seasonal versus a business that is seasonal or having trouble like right now with the FDA The Vaping industry is having huge problems in that case the terms of a vaping business loan or Advance would be shorter then the terms of a loan or an advance for a hotel or motel or a diner or a salon for that matter. But then let's take a look add an organization like a western themed bar or a hip hop themed bar or a topless bar or a cannabis related company or marijuana related company these types of organizations that I've mentioned here typically end up with terms that are less favorable if you want to call it that when you compare it to a business that comes with very little inherent risk I mean think about it for a moment on any given day if the Federal government wanted to they could shut down the states that have legalized cannabis and marijuana related products to include hemp Edibles CBD oils etc etc etc and, as we speak we've got a huge problem in The Vaping industry from the standpoint that once again big tobacco has addicted the Youth of America on their Candide vaping products and there for the Food and Drug Administration is stepped in and said no mas no more we're not going to stand for this is so what are they doing they're putting massive restrictions on The Vaping industry and because of it if we were going to land to a business in The Vaping industry we would give them shorter terms or if we were going to land into the Cannabis industry we would give them shorter terms or what some of you might call a shorter amortization in these cases to a business that has more inherent risk associated with it. 

Now I mentioned earlier to keep this in mind and that is that it would be you that would probably decide or more than likely decide whether these are less favorable terms from one industry to another and the reason behind that is you're comparing them from one industry to another but let's understand one another cannabis companies vaping companies topless bars western themed bars hip hop bars and bars in general don't have the chance to compare their offer do these other companies what they're comparing their offer to is the fact that they've more than likely been turned down by their bank for a loan and because of it they're looking at our loan or our advance and saying this is awesome because they have no other options so keep that in mind going forward that it's not your decision to decide whether these are favorable terms or unfavorable terms it's the business owners job and you're not the business owner your job is to collect the data the information from the business owner and provide them their denial or their approval with their contract and let them do their job and that is to decide whether this suits their needs or not.


Chapter 4 

Syndicating deals and Lending or Funding the loans/advances

One of the common denominators that we see and hear from our new people is are we the funding source. And the best way to describe this is to understand that yes, we are the funding source, but someone is providing the funding to us. What do I mean by that? well let's put it this way every funder in this industry is living on what they call Credit facilities or what some of you may call a credit line and those credit lines are typically large 10 million dollar credit lines or 10 million or credit facilities if you want to call them that or 20 million dollar or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or even a hundred and fifty million dollar 200 billion dollar credit lines these are not uncommon but the bottom line is this money is not any one person's money. Or one company's money. Now is our company responsible to pay this money back absolutely. we are definitely on the hook for the payments on this money so we're definitely in charge of this money as an extension of our company and we absolutely are the funding company but the bottom line is we're getting these credit facilities and this money elsewhere. Now where is the man or the woman or the company that we are getting these credit facilities from or credit lines from? they are getting this money or these credit facilities or credit lines from other companies and the list goes on and on and on and in the end what you'll find is there is no one company or no one individual that is lending this money it's a group of individuals it's no different than Bank of America think about that or Wells Fargo or US Bank or Key Bank or a credit union for that matter, whose money are they in lending you if you were to get a car loan from them? they are lending you depositors money just like yourself you could be a depositor at one of these Banks or one of these credit unions and your money will be a lint out to other customers dead bank with the bank or the credit Union, Sue in the end is Bank of America the credit Source or are the depositors the credit source? it's something for you to think about and it's something that a lot of depositors don't think about and that is that without you as a depositor or without the depositors that are putting their paycheck in the bank or putting money in the bank and leaving it in there for a. Of time without those depositors that bank would not be able to lend money and that's exactly the same way it is in this industry without depositors depositing money into these funds we would not be able to have access to these pools of money that are available to us turn Linda's money out to the business owner or advances money out of the business owner through our independent sales representatives called ISOs. 

In many cases a high percentage of the funding companies and the merchant cash advance industry syndicated loans with a partner or two or three or four e t c, e t c, e t c,. And the reason why a Funding Company would syndicated deal is not only to mitigate risk but in addition this creates an environment where as a funding company we are invested in more files than just one especially if we split that file in half with another Funding Company then were able to invest half and one company and the other half in another company or maybe we split our money among three or four or five or six companies which not only mitigates our risk but spreads our money out more or our credit out more or our credit facility out more and makes her money last longer this the reasons why a Funding Company would opt to Syndicate a deal. 

Can ISOs syndikate a merchant cash advance with a Funding Company? although this is becoming less and less common the bottom line is yes if you've got some money on the sidelines most companies are willing just indicate deals with you and allow you to stick money in there edglen some of your money in the deal and in many cases will allow you to take the commission you make on a file and add it back to the company and not take the money and put it in your bank and basically what you would be doing is letting your commissions ride on to the next business or you can go ahead and sindicate two or three or four or even five or six deals with that money and spread your money out among multiple companies which in the end would create an environment where you will have mitigated risk.


Chapter 5 

What is an ISO?

The acronym ISO stands for individual sales organization. so what that means is when you partner up with the funding company like ours or one of our few competitors you're going to be considered an ISO and as a nigha so you could be paid as an individual in your own individual bank account or you could be paid as a corporation or an LLC or a sole proprietorship if you would like to. ISOs are the liaison between the business owner and the funding company and if it wasn't for the iso the funding company would never get their money out on the streets. so although you are not considered an employee like a W-2 employee you are a 1099 individual and you're considered an extension or a partner of the funding company as an individual or a corporation.


Chapter 6

What to look for in a funding company 

The amount of time that a funding company has been in business is quite important. That will tell you about their experience. In addition having a website presents and at least 50 to 100 reviews minimum. Now listen the bottom line is this when a company gets large enough they're going to have some bad reviews this happens I mean if you get a chance take a look at Walmart in your local area take a look at Rite Aid in your local area take a look at Walgreens take a look at Sportsman Warehouse take a look at any Subway restaurant take a look at any of these businesses and you're going to see poor reviews don't focus on the poor reviews but instead focus on the percentage of poor reviews they have versus the percentage of great reviews they have and that will tell you a ton about the company that you're looking at. We're no different than any of these companies we had some complaints not many but the bottom line is this when people leave a business or have trouble in their own lives as a business owner or as an employee the bottom line is they often times feel like they have to get their pound of Flesh before they leave. Let me think about it nobody takes responsibility anymore for having failed or for being in a situation where their loan or their Advance has been denied. So it's important that you understand that you're looking at the quality of what's being said about the company and in addition the quantity on what is being said in a positive manner versus a negative manner and in addition as I mentioned earlier how long is the company been in business and are there any pending lawsuits which is quite important. one of the other things has quite common in our industry is the fact that funding companies employ telemarketing firms and in most cases employees that have a commission blended with some sort of a salary or hourly wage. Therefore they can only be so objective as there staring at your file and can oftentimes be tempted to steal your file and funded out from under you without you even knowing. This is quite common in our industry, in fact it's the number one reason why our competitors end up having ISOs leave their corporation and come on to our platform is because they're sick and tired of not getting paid there commissions and in addition there sick and tired of not getting paid on renewals. So it's very important as you look into these funding companies that you check to make sure that the company is not ripping the ISOs off. Another important aspect of deciding whether or not you want to work with a funding company or not is the fact that many of these organizations are strictly virtual and do not have a home office whatsoever and from my perspective I would highly recommend that you work with an organization that has an office presents.


Chapter 7

How does an ISO get/land business? 

There is a multitude of ways that an ISO can land or procure business. The obvious way to land business is telemarketing but that's not the only way to do this. In fact there are many people in this industry that don't want to be involved in telemarketing whatsoever. there's also mass mailing and door-to-door marketing and in addition you can frequent a chamber of commerce meeting or a Rotary meeting or as in our corporations case we have three additional proprietary pieces of marketing that we can introduce an ISO to that would be life-changing for them that our competitors do not have access to or know about. an ISO can also reach out and talk to CPAs who deal with business owners everyday and in addition can chase UCC filings, but in the event that you choose to go after UCC filings you need to make sure that you're not contacting the types of businesses that all the other telemarketing firms or is O's representing the industry are contacting.


Chapter 8

Renewals and how funders take advantage of you -

The industry is still very much like the Wild West. In fact you don't have to look very far to hear the horror industry stories or see the horror stories of what has gone on in the past in the industry and what's currently going on in the industry. One of the greatest examples of this is a man that was one of the original founders of a company called Yellowstone capital. That man's name is David glass. David just happened to be the inspiration for the movie The Boiler Room starring Ben Affleck. You can look this information up on Google or whatever browser you use as it's public information. That's not to say that there is not a multitude of other companies out there that are chock-full of tomfoolery. But you're going to have to do your part and look around to see the articles that have been written of the crimes that are out there within the industry and the fines that businesses have had to pay as they've been dragged or drug into court on a regular basis. But trust me when I say you should do your research on these companies because there are companies out there that are going to take advantage of you and one of the primary ways that they do this is they take your client/your prospect and they contact them directly once they're approved and they steal them from you and you're never the wiser that they have done so in most cases. And in addition in the event that you'd like to build a big book of business that feeds you renewals or what some of you might call residual income in the future the bottom line is they have no intentions of paying you your residuals or your renewals and you can certainly see that information out there on public browsers like Google, Bing, or any other browser for that matter.


Chapter 9 

How is a file graded?

Yt all starts with Googling the business owner's name and the name of the company that is the prospect looking for a merchant cash advance or loan. From there it involves things like nsf's on the bank statement and overdrafts. We also take a look at the consistency of cash flow as companies that have inconsistent cash flow end up being incapable often times of making a daily weekly twice a month or monthly payment. We are also looking at the number of deposits that they are making each month the more deposit set they make the more secure it makes us feel. Typically a business owner will need at least four or five or six deposits a month minimum in order to qualify for a loan. It's rare that were involved in pulling a credit report but most of our competitors do pull a credit report.


Chapter 10 

What does a file consist of?

this can vary from company to company with in this industry. But the bottom line is each company is going to require an application. Now that's said there are a lot of companies that require two and three and four pages of information. as far as our company goes the bottom line is the application itself is not much bigger than a bar napkin if fact there was a time when that's about all the information we needed was the amount of information it would take to fill a bar napkin. but what happened to us was our analytical iasos started to demand that we improve our application and so naturally once we took it to that stage we had to get our attorneys involved and put together an application that could protect us legally. In addition we will need 6 months worth of bank statements. Now our competitors will require that Anaya so get the most recent two years tax returns and a current profit loss statement and a balance sheet for the last 12 months from the business owner for their business. But we don't want this information and we would prefer not to have this information and if for some reason we need it we would prefer to condition you for it on the rare occasion that we're going to request it.

last but not least is there ID, we will need a copy of a driver's license or some sort of permanent i d for the United States and in addition we will need a copy of a voided check from their business account but from our perspective it's best that you wait until you get your business owner approved before you ask for these two items as they may be reluctant to provide a copy of a voided check and ID when you first talk to them.


Chapter 11 

How and when do you get paid?

Our company pays you within 5 business days or less and that's in our contract. Our competitors are all over the board often times they will not pay you for 30 days or they won't pay you until the 1st or the 15th or they won't pay you until Friday but the bottom line is this you should look into whether or not their people are complaining about being paid and if so what is the constant that you are reading or what is the mo or modus operandi of the organization you're reading about in regards to how they pay their ISOs. we pay you via a wire transfer or an ACH and in addition if you would like we can send you a check in the mail. These options seem to be industry standard nowadays it used to be that we and our competitors would use methods like PayPal or Walmart or green dot Or Western Union but unfortunately these commissions are quite large and our bank will not allow us to withdraw these high amounts of cash and facilitators like PayPal Western Union Walmart in green. Will no longer allow you to send this amount of money all at once.


What is stacking?

Chapter 13 

UCC filings and what they are.

Chapter 14

What is a COJ?

Chapter 15

Virtual vs., in Person.

Chapter 16

Is there a prepayment penalty?  

Chapter 17  

What a denial or approval looks like

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The process from prospect to payroll

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How it works 

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The Brand 

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Money makes you more of who you already are!

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Money is the Root of All Evil. 


As far as prospects go there are over 60 million business owners in America. Each one of those business owners should be considered a prospect. The two competitors that we have fund to a little over 400 different types of businesses, and our company funds A little over seven hundred different types of businesses. Whether do you choose to go door to door, or telemarketer, or frequent a chamber of commerce meeting or a Rotary meeting or choose to use any of our three pieces of proprietary marketing the bottom line is this Landing a prospect takes very little time and effort and there's a chance we may be able to fund the business owner on the day of the application and if not there's a high likelihood it will take place the next day. The standard processing and underwriting combined time takes 24 to 48 hours but it's not uncommon for a file to get approved and funded on the same day. 

Once you have a business owner or a prospect interested the next step is to have them fill out an application and provide you with 6 months worth of bank statements for their business from the most recent 6 months. We do not have you collect Merchant statements/credit card statements from the business owner like our competitors do. We do not want a tax return, we do not want a profit and loss statement and we do not want a balance sheet in most cases. Once you procure the bank statements in the application you can hand those into management and we will underwrite the file that day if not the following day. Once the file has been approved we need you to procure/get a copy of their drivers license and a copy of a voided check for their business bank account so that we could put their drivers license number and a copy of their voided check on our contract that we are going to deploy to you for the business owners review. You are welcome to have us send the business owner to contract directly via hello sign or DocuSign that's completely up to you but we're not going to make that choice for you. You need to decide what you want to do with your business owner. Once you're business owner receives the contract most business owners signed a contract in 1 hour or less an email the contract back to you and you could forward it into corporate or if you have had us send it out via hello sign or DocuSign the contract will automatically come back to corporate and at that time we will make a funding call to the business owner with our funding division. We will fund the business owner that day with the funds if not the following day depending on the time of day that we make the wire transfer and then you will provide our payroll department with a broker demand that contains the bank account you want us to send the money to and your phone legal name and your Social Security number so that we can pass on a 1099 to you at the end of the year. Your payroll typically shows up in your business account within the third business day if not the 4th business day after the business has been funded but never more than 5 business days. In the event that your client needs money in the future you would be involved in the renewals.



18. Markets - what customer needs this-At no time

19. Are there any clawbacks/do you take our commissions back if someone defaults?

Our Corporation is the only funding company in the merchant cash advance/small business loan industry that does not take back your Commissions in the event that the business owner default on their loan in regards to payments in the future.


In Closing

Where the industry is heading now?

As long as business owners have a need for working capital the bottom line is this industry will always be around. In fact more and more we are replacing conventional banking methods. The industry is constantly changing when the founder of our Corporation first got into the industry the average term of these loans was 60 to 90 days. Now it's not uncommon to see these advances or loans amortized out over one year two years and even three year periods. that said it's quite common for companies and the individuals that own the company or run the company to continue to strive for excellence and or innovate and oftentimes this can cause a business owner or partners to get off course. this is the trend that we are seeing right now in this businesses that at one time or very successful in this industry they seem to have taken the route of technology which is caused them to Veer away from the foundation in this industry and more and more we see what competitors we've had over the years disappear into businesses like providing lead's or software or become a servicer or many other options and because of it there are less and less funding companies out there but the funding companies that are out there are busier than they've ever been and more profitable than they've ever been. our Corporation to include the partners that own the company I have no plans of veering off and involving themselves in other products, as they have been in business prior to this and understand the need to stay on course and improve the quality of the systems within the company and what this will do is what it's done in the past and that is strength in the corporation so they can be around for years and years to come. Make no mistake about it, there's still room to grow in this industry and our company plans on being in the Forefront of that growth going forward. but again the trend that we are seeing right now is these business owners looking for a higher high or a better widget within the industry in a high number of cases with our competitors and at the end of the day what it's really doing is causing them to take their eye off the ball and not do a great job at what it is they do best and instead doing a mediocre job at numerous things creating a multi task environment that at the end of the day is causing their company to be distracted and in most cases they've lost their way and unfortunately can't find their way back because the market share was distributed among the players that towed the line and stayed the course.Dammit yeah okay



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